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Monday, August 25, 2014

Some ornamentals, some mundanes.........

Its quite fortunate that people haven't forgotten this blog, and I am getting notifications frequently on their visit. Thanks google search for keeping this irregular blog in their regular searchable areas.

Today, I am going to post some flowers which are not of any agricultural use, but might be grown as ornamental plant, or spontaneously grow as weed in Bangladesh. Those, who are familiar with tropical floras, might not be surprised.


Common Name: Koli Joba,কলি জবা 
Scientific Name: Hibiscus rosa sinensis
Family: Malvaceae
Status: Ornamental plant
Place: BAU Botanical Garden

Common Name: Bon tula, বন তুলা
Scientific Name: ...
Family: .......
Status: Weed
Place: BAU Botanical Garden

 Common Name: Indian Rhododendron, দাঁতরাঙা
Scientific Name: Melastoma malabathricum
Family: Ericaceae
Status: Ornamental, Weed
Place: BAU Botanical Garden

Photo: #বিশ্ব_ফটোগ্রাফি_দিবস
 Common Name: Lantana, ল্যান্টানা, ছত্রা, পুটুশ
Scientific Name: Lantana camara
Family: Verbenaceae
Status: Ornamental, Weed
Place: BAU Botanical Garden

  Common Name: Touch me not, লজ্জাবতী
Scientific Name: Mimosa pudica
Family: Fabaceae 
Status: Ornamental, Weed
Place: BAU Botanical Garden

  Common Name: Salt bush
Scientific Name: ......
Family: ......
Status: Ornamental, Weed
Place: Cox's Bazar

Hope to come back soon..........