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Earth laughs in flowers......

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Five little flowers went out one day....................

I cant believe it........ I am posting something after a long long long hibernation. It was actually not full hibernation, bcz I have edited my blog title, and shuffled with some design template as well, and most importantly snapped lots of flower pictures. But it took me more than two years to post something.... Anyway want to be regular from now on..........

So, here comes the five beauties.....

Common Name: Crossberry
Scientific Name: Grewia occidentalis
Family: Bombacaceae
Location: Kings Park, WA


Common Name: Pink Oxalis
Scientific Name: Oxalis corymbosa
Family: Oxalidaceae
Location: Kings Park, WA

Common Name: Garden Lobelia
Scientific Name: Lobelia erinus
Family: Campanulaceae
Location: Kings Park, WA


Common Name:Onion Grass
Scientific Name: Romulea rosea
Family: Iridaceae
Location: Matilda Bay, WA


Common Name: Capeweed
Scientific Name: Arctotheca calendula
Family: Asteraceae
Location: Caporn St., Crawley, WA

See ya soon........